Who can play Ultimate Frisbee? | Quijotes+Dulcineas Ultimate Frisbee club in Madrid, Spain


Who can play ultimate frisbee?

Short answer: Everyone!

Long answer: Anyone and everyone!

Participation in Quijotes+Dulcineas Ultimate Madrid is open to everyone, regardless of age, experience or desired commitment level. In recent years, we've had players from 17 to 45 years old, complete beginners to 10+ year veterans and players from countries like Canada, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Ireland, etc., ... and of course, Spain!

We have a competitive team for people looking to commit and prepare for tournaments seriously, beginners' practices to teach the basics and fundamentals of Ultimate Frisbee and weekend pick-up for people just looking to play and have fun (and get a beer afterwards, of course)! 

Club members can also sign up for tournaments ranging from our local spring and fall leagues, to regional tournaments against Spanish teams, to competitive tournaments in places like Amsterdam and Milan.

So the question really is: why haven't you played with us yet!?