Bank Account Info | Quijotes+Dulcineas Ultimate Frisbee club in Madrid, Spain

Bank Account Info

The details of our bank account are:

Bank name: Caja Madrid
Account holder: Asociación Madrileña de Ultimate Frisbee
Account number (CCC): 2038 1042 78 6000714616
I.B.A.N (Intern. Bank Acc Num): ES15   2038   1042   7860 0071   4616
B.I.C (Bank Identifier Code): CAHMESMMXXX
To deposit money in the account, you can:
  1. Visit any Caja Madrid branch with the money and the account info above, or
  2. Transfer the money directly from your account to ours.
Don't forget to indicate what the deposit is for (team dues, team fee for "x" tournament) in the "concept".
Once the deposit or transfer has been made, let us know with an email or give us a copy of the deposit slip at any practice.
If you'd prefer to pay in cash, stick the money in an envelope with your name, the amount and what the payment is for written on the front and give it to us at any practice.